Artwork by Vincent Vivona


The Archival Qualities Of My Prints

These prints have been created using the most advanced archival methods and products.

  • The prints were made on an Epson 2200 using Ultra Chrome Inks.
  • The paper used on preferred prints is Epson Fine Art Velvet Paper which will ensure maximum life expectancy.
  • The Matting used is Bainbridge ArtCare. It uses MicroChamber Technology and is 4 Ply and made of 100% Cotton.
  • The Mount Board is 2 Ply Archival.
  • Hinging of preferred prints has been accomplished using Wheat Paste and Mulberry Paper.
  • Each Epson Fine Art Velvet print is coated with three layers of Premier Art Print Shield.

Each of the above mentioned qualities would cause resistance to fading and ensure maximum life expectancy for your print.

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